5 tips how to survive and stay happy -and busy- mom

I know your daily routine is a road race. How the life of a busy mom with a household and two (average) children is extremely demanding.

I know from personal experience that above all you want to be an amazing mom, but you also want to:

  • evolve in your work,
  • make your own money,
  • do you feel productive, or just to
  • contribute in any way you can to the well-being of the family.

Many times, in fact, this is not a personal need, but a need for survival.

One thing you know best about me is that it is not possible to act like a superhero.

If you want to not chase life but to live it, you have to put things in order. Accept that you can not do everything and do what you can with what you have at the moment.

5 survival tips for happy, busy moms

Tip for busy moms No1: GIVE TIME TO YOURSELF

Loving yourself is not secondary, it is THE most critical thing in the world. When you love, take care of yourself, offer you time, in developments, you feel beautiful, you from you for you. This makes you self-luminous. It makes you shine with energy and inner beauty. That is why it is the first on our list because if you are good with yourself you will be with those you hang out with. Do your nails, put on your creams, read a book, buy a new dress. Do things that will make you feel like you care that you are taking a few steps forward!

Practical advice for taking care of yourself

Find time for yourself and do things you love, go for a walk, do your nails, put on your creams, read a book, buy a new dress. Do things that will make you feel like you care that you are taking a few steps forward!


Tip for busy moms No2: It’s OK to say “NO”

Yes you read very well, to say “no” to what does not represent you, to what you do not have time to cope with, to what you simply do not want to do is not bad, on the contrary, it shows self-respect and proper management of your precious time. “No” is a magic word when you reward it and use it with the right tone and arguments. Of course, be careful not to cross to the opposite bank and become abrupt and hostile.

Practical advice for saying “NO” 

Write in a list all those little things that you just do not want and do not have to do, write next to it because you do not need to do them, and give a solution to who can take it. So the next time someone tells you to do it politely in a low tone and tell him who else would be better off doing it and why. Next time he will not even ask you.


Tip for busy moms No3: DO NOT FEEL GUILTY

There are two kinds of situations in life, those we do not control and those we control! It is completely absurd to feel guilty about things you can not control, such as the fact that the bus was late and you did not have time to eat with the children, or that a meeting at work was late and you did not go home as you would like. Now as for what you control again it is absurd to feel guilty since you are the one who can shape them so that they serve you. Of course, the human brain is complex, and as simple as it sounds, the above logic is not easily accepted.
Practical advice for not feeling guilty

Read! Find books on the subject, or self-improvement books in general, look inside yourself to find out why you feel guilty and what you can do to change it. A book suggestion to get you started is “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Covey Stephen R.


Tip for busy moms No4: BE PRESENT

Wherever you are, at whatever stage of your day, make sure you are there, body and soul. When you leave the child at school, give him a juicy kiss, tell him that you will miss him, and stay to watch him for a minute as he walks in the courtyard and greets his friends. In the morning meeting at work, put your spirit to work, make your presence felt and your point of view, work smart and productively. In the afternoon at home, spend 1-2 hours playing with the children without thinking about the next day at work, social media alerts, and any kind of obligation. Organize your day and live every moment of it. How?

Practical Advice to be Present

Make sure you are always and everywhere a quarter earlier, this will save you from unnecessary stress and therefore confusion. This small change will make you more relaxed and happy in whatever you do during your day, from the morning when you will have time to apply your moisturizer and makeup with your peace of mind (so take care of yourself and feel beautiful and glamorous, check tip No1), until that minute you watch your child at the schoolyard or preparing your coffee before the meeting. Also – for the rare case that you do not have – start writing everything you have to do on an agenda, both daily and general obligations/thoughts/goals. When you put them on paper in a magical way, it is like they are erased from your mind, and so you have space and mood for more creative activities.


Tip for busy moms No5: ASK FOR HELP

As we all know, unfortunately, we do not have 8 hands or 72 hours per day. We only have 24 and they are all valuable so manage them properly. Where you can get help, ask for it, and if you can’t get it, pay for it! For example, if your mom can cook twice a week, ask for it, if not and you see that you do not manage to get cooked food from a restaurant. If you have a mountain of clothes for ironing, and you do not find time to clean the windows don’t lose your mind, hire a cleaning lady once per week and instead of whining about your fate over the iron, go for a walk in the park with your children (and live at the moment – check tip No4), and do not tell me that the issue is money here because I told you to go to the park, not to a playground for coffee, juice, and toast. 😉
Practical Advice for Getting Help

You know your needs better than anyone, listen to what the woman inside you is saying, relax her by letting others do things they might do better than you, such as getting a teacher to teach you your children instead of struggling for it too! Keep your energy for what you know you are doing well and what is really important to you. Make a list of what someone else could do for you, write down the potential cost and where else something can be cut to support the other. You could also start a parallel activity (perhaps a hobby) during your free time that could bring you extra income and most importantly develop you spiritually. If you manage your time and money wisely you will experience a renaissance personal liberation.


I am writing this post based on my personal experiences and everyday life as a creatively self-employed mom and entrepreneur. I hope you found it useful. If you wish I could make worksheets for each practical tip, so you can print them out and work on them. What advice is most useful for your daily life? Write me in the comments.

PS1. Do not forget we are all together in this beautiful mom-fight, see it creatively and have fun!

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