GREEN POLICY – Environmental Responsibility

The sun inside us and the optimistic nature that possesses the owner of Fashion for Two, Vasiliki Theodoridou, gave her the opportunity to see the world differently through her first pregnancy. A small fetus became the reason that the idea of ​​Fashion for Two was born and took shape, and as the fetus grew, the idea evolved, until it took its final form and this is the e-shop you are browsing.
Fashion for Two is not just two T-Shirts that complete each other, it is an original, special gift proposal that thinks beyond today …
It is the gift you will give to your children: a brand with an ecological character that from its raw materials to the packaging it uses is 100% organic and ecological, a brand that for every order you make, plants a tree in the world.

What actions does the Green Policy?

1 #. Raw Material is Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton: our raw material, or the way in which a garment does not contaminate, does not destroy, does not work against the planet. The method of preparation does not include chemicals or insecticides, it is the best for the skin and promotes equal and fair trade.
For the cultivation of organic cotton:

✔️ No toxic chemicals are used

✔️ It does not damage the soil

✔️ It has less effect on the air

✔️ 88% less water is used

✔️ 62% less energy is consumed


For conventional cotton:

❌ About 16% of the world’s insecticides are used

❌ 7% of pesticides.

Read our article and find out why and how its systematic use can save the planet.

2 #. With EVERY purchase of a SET, we PLANT a TREE

An action that begins to actively contribute to the biggest ecological problem on the planet, coal pollution that can only be tackled by planting trees. The choice is yours, your contribution to the betterment of the world.


3 #. Packaging from 100% recyclable materials

  • 100% recyclable paper box
  • Fabric ribbon so it can be reused
  • Marking / encouragement on the back/side for ecological activation (reduce-reuse-recycle)
  • Recyclable paper card / label


The first set of our green series was released with our original designs and is one of your most favorite sets.

Parent: You are the world to me

Kid: future world changer

Buy it with one click here! Here are even more designs with ecological messages from January 2021.


#5.Printing Materials & Process

  • Silkscreen printing (with a hand press, without the use of electricity)
  • Selected ecological paint based on the water without toxins


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