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GREEN POLICY – Environmental Responsibility

The sun inside us and the optimistic nature that possesses the owner of Fashion for Two, Vasiliki Theodoridou, gave her the opportunity to see the world differently through her first pregnancy. A small fetus became the reason that the idea of ​​Fashion for Two was born and took shape, and as the fetus grew, the […]

Organic cotton – What it is and how it helps the planet

At Fashion for Two we have consciously chosen our raw material to be exclusively organic cotton. Are you familiar with the concept? Do you really know what his choice means and what impact it has on the environment? Give yourself a few minutes and especially to the planet and read why you have to choose […]

Welcome customers, hello friends!

Καλώς ορίσατε, καλώς βρεθήκαμε! Κι όπως κάθε νέα γνωριμία το επιβάλλει, θα κάνουμε μια κουβέντα. Μια κουβέντα για εμάς, για το πρόσωπο που γράφει αυτές τις γραμμές, τον άνθρωπο πίσω από αυτό εδώ το e-shop, ή μάλλον καλύτερα, πίσω από αυτήν την ιδέα. Με λένε Βασιλική, είμαι νέα μαμά, χρόνια ανήσυχο πνεύμα με δημιουργικές αναζητήσεις. […]

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