Welcome customers, hello friends!

Welcome, welcome!

And as any acquaintance requires, we’ll have a little chat. A conversation about me, the person writing these lines, the woman behind this brand here, or even better, behind this idea.

My name is Vasiliki, I’m a new mom, a restless spirit, a creative mind. I studied marketing in Greece, worked for five years in Germany in the field of Content Marketing, and specialized in SEO Copywriting.

I returned to Greece three years ago to feel the warmth of the homeland again, a “hug” that if you do not leave it is difficult to appreciate with the current circumstances. Shortly after my return fate met me in my husband’s name; Christos came into my life and made her shine with joy. Just a few months later, the cheerful news of my pregnancy arrived…


And it all starts now…

When you have a digital marketer background and notable work experience, Drama City (my hometown and the city I live in) doesn’t offer much choice in the business sector, and then we had the journey of motherhood starting soon… With these facts, I didn’t have many opportunities to take advantage of my knowledge, creativity, and my need to stay productive. But the restless minds always find a way, so in my case, somewhere in my 4th month of pregnancy, the idea for Fashion for Two Shop was born.

Baby Steps & Hand-drawn Designs

I worked with brushes and then on Photoshop for each pixel to get it right. The designs are worked out one by one until the last little detail. Then came the search for my main suppliers and then silk-screen printing came into my life. The method I chose to print my designs. I admit that – almost brazenly and ignorantly – I got into a field that I didn’t know. I spent countless hours researching and studying, the failures were one after another until success came one day and it was enough to get to this point, at the time of writing the very first post on the Fashion for Two BLOG.

My feelings about this journey so far…

I could feel nothing less than proud of myself. Not for what I have achieved – the journey begins now. I feel proud because there were so many obstacles, but I didn’t stop trying, I didn’t stop even when one hand was occupied by baby girl Dimitra when I didn’t know what was wrong with the screen printing process when I was deprived (sleep, money, going out). ) to support this idea.

I’m glad to be open to you, feeling you as part of this begging.

Every business has a face, let’s reveal our true one!

You came to this page as a consumer, I greet you as a friend!

Let the Adventure Begin!

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