10 original gifts for new parents and children

This magical moment is coming when your friends, best men, siblings, or anyone close to you become a parent and except of your warmest wishes,  you also want to offer a gift. And here comes the question “What gift should I get for the new mom/dad and their newborn baby?” Most people have this problem every single time they go to the maternity hospital or visit the couple for the first time at home or go for the baptism gift. Oh, of course, don’t forget baby showers where the gift goes shortly before the baby arrives …
We have collected some of the most original and at the same time impressive gifts that you can give to new parents, either in a family context or individually for the new member.

6 +1 different types of gifts for new parents & their children/babies

Category: Education

# 1. Parents’ book & personalized fairy tale for the little ones

One of the most useful and essential gifts is to get a book to parents on how to become better parents. Let us be realistic about this issue: no one is born a good parent, we just hope to become one. And what is more important than showing how much you care about the child’s mental and emotional development than giving parents a gift that will help them grow up well, and scientifically more correctly their child?
Personally, I have loved and given many times to my dear friends the “Growing up in the Greek family” by Matthew Jehoshaphat, a psychoanalytic approach that through 4 sections/lectures describes the stages of the child’s psychosexual development, from conception, the fetal period and the next stages, until the first completion of the personality in 5-6 years. A book that every modern parent should read. You can find it online for just 10 euros.
For the little one now, I have a very, very special book proposal for you, a fairy tale cut and sewn for him. A special gift that will fascinate young and old: the fairy tale with its name, a personalized gift that will last a lifetime!
You can make your own at www.paramithimeonoma.gr
Ideal proposal for book lovers, don’t you agree?
Price range €: 10 – 30 euros

Category: Linen & small gifts

# 2. Diaper Cake

From my very favorite gifts, and from the side of mom to receive it and from the side of a friend or relative who offers it. It is a gift that will be used to the fullest since except of the diapers you can put shampoo, bibs, pacifiers, pad, diaper, toy, and all these useful things for the first six months.
You can either make it yourself, or it can buy from a local store. You can look for them in the items of baptism decoration.
Price range €€: 30 – 60 euros

Category: Clothing

# 3. Matching T-Shirts – Fashion for Two

Fashion for Two T-shirts is definitely a new proposal in the market that will excite every new parent, as they will complete each other in the smartest way. It is the ultimate proposal in the field of clothing both in terms of quality and everyday use.
The T-shirts were created so that they “stand” on their own to be worn even when the other half is not next to them or just when it no longer fits, so your gift will not be lost in the long run. It is made of 100% organic cotton and is the best for sensitive skin and at the same time helps the planet (see here why!).
The most original part is that the gift is for two or for the whole family, so no one is left neglected – because and the parents did something great and they deserve to give them a little more of your love by giving them a gift!
Price range €€: 20 – 60 euros

Category: Toys

# 4. Wooden Developmental Thinking Games

If you are going to allocate a sum for a game, make sure 1) it is educational 2) it is environmentally friendly 3) it develops imagination and creativity. And right here I have two suggestions that have fascinated me personally:
1. The wooden toys of The Wandering Workshop are simply unique! They are designed and created by Jose Navarro and Athena Doukaki and their toys are already sold worldwide, offering fun, creative thinking, and imagination to children around the world. It is worth visiting their page, to see the wonderful designs they have created and to buy your next gift from there.
Price range €€: 20 – 60 euros
Waves and boat @thewanderingworkshop
2. Wooden balance boards are an open type toy of curve.lab that can be used in countless ways, in order to develop the creativity and imagination of our little ones. From slide to swing, from a surfboard to skateboard, from deck to the boat and who knows how many more shapes it can take … Sounds exciting? It is!
Balance boards @curve.lab
Imagine how much a child will play with them and for how many years. One thing is for sure, they will not get bored easily!
Price range €€€: 30 – 130 euros
Do not forget to mention that in both cases the toys are made in Greece, with respect for the environment and the child.

Category: Decoration

# 5. Handmade personalized items

You will find so many on social media that you will not know what to choose, from frames with families from clay to knitted 3D dolls with designs of your choice or even the child’s name on mini pillows (or a large initial).
Handmade knitted dolls by @handmade_bymara
All unique and personalized, only it definitely needs a little research, especially if you want to find someone in your area. Instagram moms do a great job presenting such unique – and many more tried and tested – products.
Handmade personalized pillow & birth frame from @bigbows.gr
Price range €€: 20 – 40 euros

Category: Baby Dowry

# 6. Worm type pillow – or otherwise the multi-tool

I used it and I highly recommend it! A pillow that can be used in so many ways that it will surprise you. This is an elongated pillow made of hypoallergenic raw materials that its use begins long before the baby comes home.
1st use: auxiliary pillow to make the pregnant woman sleep much more comfortably. She basically puts it between her legs and hugs it. Until I got pregnant I did not think that I would have trouble sleeping because of the belly, and yet, every pregnant woman, especially as her belly grows, finds it difficult to find a posture that suits her. This pillow definitely eases the whole situation.
2nd use: baby nest. The pillow has two strings at its ends that when you join you to create a nest that can accommodate the little one when he is born. Tip: I also laid a diaper on top so that it would not sink in some way.
3rd use: breastfeeding pillow. It will help the new babies to breastfeed more comfortably and relaxed, either by wrapping it around them or simply by placing it between the legs and the chest.
4th use: always a cot or pillow between the wall and the bed. Always useful and necessary crib, and often expensive. So when it no longer fits in the nest, you can transfer the pillow to the crib and then to its crib.
5th use: Toy or conversion into decorative. It can act as a toy by stimulating the imagination of the little ones or you can think of new use and implement it (eg wrap it like a snail, sew it and turn it into a floor pillow).
Price range €€: 40 – 60 euros

Category: Gadgets

# 7. Baby security camera

One of the most useful gifts you can give to an (especially new) parent. In the first child, every new parent is very anxious about every move, every little sound they will hear. A security camera is a tool that keeps young parents calm as they can see and hear their baby at any time.
A luxury gift that you can suggest to your friends to buy it together so that you can untie the hands of the parents but it will not be expensive for you.
Price range €€€: 50 – 150 euros
Please note that we do not cooperate with any of the listed companies. It is the sincere opinion of a new mom who has received and made many gifts in the last two years to new parents with babies or young children.
I hope I helped you a little and your next gift to steal the show – always after the baby!
Vasiliki Theodoridou

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